Pakenham Water Heater Troubleshooting

Why is my hot water heater beeping?

It just wants to annoy you before it gives you the cold shoulder.

I don’t get why it would give me a cold anything.

Does your hot water heater have a leak sensor? That beeping may be a warning that there is a leak.

I have not noticed a leak.

That means it is properly draining off to some location than the laundry room floor. Or, if you have a gas hot water heater, it may be a warning of a gas leak.

Or it means that isn’t the cause of the beeping. I don’t have a gas connection.

It might be the temperature sensor. The unit could be getting hot.

It is supposed to get hot. Hot is a third of the name.

The elements may be over-heating the water.

It is hard to believe a heater could overheat the water. However, we’ve been seeing something of the opposite.

The beeping may be a warning that the unit has shut off, whether due to an electrical problem or leak I don’t know.

I don’t know either. That’s why I’m asking.

Hot water heaters are essentially pressurized boilers. The beeping might be a pressure warning.

The only thing that’s going to blow is my budget if that thing breaks or floods the house.

If in doubt, call a professional out. You want the hot water heater fixed before you have to fix both it and your floors.

Or I could read the owner’s manual to find out what the source of the beeping is.

If the manual was that easy to read, you’d have read it by now. If you do want to try that route, turn off the water to the heater before you start, just in case it breaks before you finish reading it.

You’re right. I can find a repairman a lot faster than I could that book.